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The purpose of this site is to catalog images of people living on the street that exhibit a unique sense of personal style. In no way is this effort made with the intention of mockery, but rather as a source of inspiration and social study. In this day and age with so many of us walking around using our expensive wardrobe to indicate which peer group we belong to or how well we respond to advertising, it's refreshing to see those that are free of influence express just that. Their ability to shine in their own special way despite their circumstances reminds us all that it doesn't take a bankroll to look oh-so-good. These are the real artisanal risk-takers, experts in the art of found object and proof once again that true style comes from within.

We have decided to make the distinction of "homeless" as anybody that appears to be living on the street, has indicated such or has been witnessed asking strangers for financial assistance (panhandling). When possible, we make all efforts to compensate our subjects with some form of aid in exchange for the privilege of photographing them.

Photo contributions to this project are encouraged if you approach with the same keen eye and positive intention as we do by emailing images to contact@homelesschic.com. Please include any relevant information such as date/location/credit/comments etc.

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Thank you for visiting. We hope you'll enjoy this work-in-progress as much as we do.

August 3, 2007 - Present

We <3 Cookie!

She's telling us it's alllll about oversized, plaid, and on the move looks. The legendary Cookie never fails to impress, and she's the reason we always carry a camera with us downtown! We LOVE the shoelace necklace!! More pictures added regularly of our favorite Lil Tokyo homeless inspiration. "I get all my clothes from black people," explains Cookie. But of course.

Location: Little Tokyo/Los Angeles

April 8, 2007

The Easter Bunny

The color combination on him is spectacular and very well suited for this holiday today. Soooo feeling that jacket and let's not even mention the headphones...WOW!

Location: Los Angeles

March 28, 2007

Maybe Next Time Guy

How amazing is that good bonnet with the duct tape ponytail effect. His confidence carries this personalized piece a long ways.

Location: Los Angeles

August 29, 2006

Japanese Treasure

If Ms. Kawakubo sees these you'll know what to expect next season. SUCH the good look. We're loving those gross 90's Fila leftovers, seriously.

Location: Kyoto, Japan

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